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Friday Cool – Frank Sinatra & Strings

So here is the plan for rediscovering vinyl records:

First, I collect my GPO Jam turntable on Sunday. I have this Frank Sinatra LP already so that will be first on the deck.

Secondly, I have all ready ordered Bryan Ferry, Another Time Another Place. Then I am going to scout the bay, vinyl music shops and charity shops to build a small but I hope discerning music collection, revolving around the 70s and 80s music I grew up on, jazz a la Miles Davies stylee and rat pack music along with a spot of Matt Munro.

Thirdly I will top this up with the odd bit of new vinyl that catches my eye though as these are often around the twenty pound mark these will be rare treats, so if you missed my birthday back in March here is your chance to redeem yourself! Only joking … No I’m not!



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Friday Cool – Bryan Ferry Another Time Another Place

Another Time, Another Place was Bryan Ferry’s second studio album as a solo artist. The album reached #4 in the UK charts in 1974.
Recording took place in London at Island, Ramport and AIR studios. Like Ferry’s previous solo album, it consisted mainly of covers, with this time the exception of the last song, which gave its title to the album and was written by Ferry.
Like These Foolish Things, Another Time, Another Place is essentially a cover album, featuring a Bob Dylan song (“A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall” on the former LP, “It Ain’t Me Babe” on the latter) and a standard (the title track of These Foolish Things, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” on Another Time, Another Place) but while These Foolish Things emphasized an early-’60s girl-group repertoire, Another Time, Another Place turned to soul music (Sam Cooke, Ike & Tina Turner) and country music (Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Joe South).
This choice of repertoire, together with the more sophisticated settings and production, gave the album a more “grown-up”, serious and even reflective quality than Ferry’s previous album, which sounds more fun and at times hectic.

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Friday Cool – Getting Nostalgic For Analogue Music

Lately I have been getting irritated listening to compressed music from my iPhone playing through my car HiFi system. It sounds remote, as if it is playing in the room next door. Vinyl sales are also on the increase too. Obviously minimal compared with downloads and other forms of music delivery but interestingly significant compared to previous vinyl sales. There is a whole nostalgia thing going on too as people wax er… lyrically about the joys of old album covers.  Turntable and old vinyl seem to be seen in abundance in movies and vinyl seems to be the anti digital uber cool. We watch Suits and note the joy Harvey Spectre takes in his huge vinyl collection. The theme can be seen in just about any movie where a certain retro cool is called for. The sound as the stylus hits the vinyl is frankly provocative of a past, full of youthful fun, sharing vinyl with your first date and so on.

I have admitted freely that I am a mug for a bit of slick marketing and bit by bit I have had a yearning to listen to vinyl again. This weekend I drove my Mum’s 21 year old BMW 318iS Coupé with its Kenwood head unit complete with cassette tape player. I dug out a Frank Sinatra greatest hit tape and played it for much of a 162 mile road trip I embarked on in my Mum’s car. Frankly I was astonished at the full and rich sound it produced in my Mum’s car. It was a different world to the compressed sound that my iPhone sends to my car speakers. Frankly it unsettled me and there was no hiss to the cassette music whatsoever! My journey into musical nostalgia was pushed a bit further and I resolved to invest in a record turntable!

The GPO Jam fits my need. Self contained but will also plug into my 5.1 surround sound system. A suitably retro look with the beautiful Union Jack vintage deck top, really selling it to me. A perfect Friday Cool retro Record turntable.





Make the link between old and new technologies with the GPO Jam. Simply connect the Jam to your PC or Mac via USB and use the supplied software to record all your LPs to the digital MP3 format. From here, the choice is yours. Load them on to your MP3 player or NAS drive, record on to CD or just have the music archived on your computer – whatever your choice, your LPs are now more accessible than ever before.

In addition to making it easy to archive your old records, the Jam is also a practical player. 33, 45 and 78 speeds are all available at the flick of a switch. The auto-stop tonearm ensures it never ‘over runs’.

With its built-in amplifier and basic speakers, the Jam is a self-contained music system that’s ready to play. However, for a serious step-up in sound quality, it also features an attached audio output cable (RCA phono x 2). Connect this into your existing hi-fi separates system and you’ll make the most of your more powerful amplifier and dedicated speakers. With a built-in phono stage you can connect it up to any hi-fi system with a line level auxiliary input – no additional phono stage required.

A neat device for both playing and archiving records, the GPO Jam makes a sweet choice!