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Friday Cool – Lamy Pen Dilemma


On holiday in Venice for Valentine’s day this Year, I bought my lovely wife Mrs P a Valentine’s card in Italian, the translation was “When I count my precious things, I always count you twice.” I was frankly rather pleased with this and as a confirmed lover of fine things it seemed so very apt from me.

Well… I couldn’t sign a card like that with any old pen so I perused the stationery shop and this Lamy pen a Lamy Swift in blue jumped out at me. My hands were sore from chemotherapy treatment and the rollerball let the ink flow easily making it easy to write with. So the pen was purchased and the card duly written and of course our true love continues to endure like an irresistible Mills and Boon tale…

Now though, with different chemotherapy treatment and better hands I want to add a Fountain pen and a ball point to my Lamy collection.


Well The Scala blue black limited edition Fountain pen has caught my eye for one, in a blue the colour of sapphires my favourite stone…


Then there is the Studio Wild Rubin Limited edition fountain pen. Or maybe the way to go is Lamy Swift for the Rollerball, Lamy Scala blue black for the fountain pen and Lamy Studio Wild Rubin for the ballpont!


Decisions, decisions, but one thing is for sure it’s a nice Friday Cool distraction from the realities of life that can so easily intrude!


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Friday Cool -Lamy Scala Blueblack Special Edition


The Scala has been designed by top German kitchen and bathroom design team Sieger Design who have turned their attention to pens and come up with this sleek looking fountain pen.  This is the Limited Edition blueblack version with a stunning high gloss sparkling finish and chrome-plated grip and clip. The pen comes in a lovely gift box with a pot of Lamy blueblack ink and Z26 convertor and makes an amazing gift.

When is it father’s Day in the UK?

  • Choice of medium, fine, extra fine or broad steel nib
  • Set comes boxed with ink and convertor
  • Strictly limited edition
  • Matching rollerball and ballpoint available