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Friday Cool – Getting Nostalgic For Analogue Music

Lately I have been getting irritated listening to compressed music from my iPhone playing through my car HiFi system. It sounds remote, as if it is playing in the room next door. Vinyl sales are also on the increase too. Obviously minimal compared with downloads and other forms of music delivery but interestingly significant compared to previous vinyl sales. There is a whole nostalgia thing going on too as people wax er… lyrically about the joys of old album covers.  Turntable and old vinyl seem to be seen in abundance in movies and vinyl seems to be the anti digital uber cool. We watch Suits and note the joy Harvey Spectre takes in his huge vinyl collection. The theme can be seen in just about any movie where a certain retro cool is called for. The sound as the stylus hits the vinyl is frankly provocative of a past, full of youthful fun, sharing vinyl with your first date and so on.

I have admitted freely that I am a mug for a bit of slick marketing and bit by bit I have had a yearning to listen to vinyl again. This weekend I drove my Mum’s 21 year old BMW 318iS Coupé with its Kenwood head unit complete with cassette tape player. I dug out a Frank Sinatra greatest hit tape and played it for much of a 162 mile road trip I embarked on in my Mum’s car. Frankly I was astonished at the full and rich sound it produced in my Mum’s car. It was a different world to the compressed sound that my iPhone sends to my car speakers. Frankly it unsettled me and there was no hiss to the cassette music whatsoever! My journey into musical nostalgia was pushed a bit further and I resolved to invest in a record turntable!

The GPO Jam fits my need. Self contained but will also plug into my 5.1 surround sound system. A suitably retro look with the beautiful Union Jack vintage deck top, really selling it to me. A perfect Friday Cool retro Record turntable.





Make the link between old and new technologies with the GPO Jam. Simply connect the Jam to your PC or Mac via USB and use the supplied software to record all your LPs to the digital MP3 format. From here, the choice is yours. Load them on to your MP3 player or NAS drive, record on to CD or just have the music archived on your computer – whatever your choice, your LPs are now more accessible than ever before.

In addition to making it easy to archive your old records, the Jam is also a practical player. 33, 45 and 78 speeds are all available at the flick of a switch. The auto-stop tonearm ensures it never ‘over runs’.

With its built-in amplifier and basic speakers, the Jam is a self-contained music system that’s ready to play. However, for a serious step-up in sound quality, it also features an attached audio output cable (RCA phono x 2). Connect this into your existing hi-fi separates system and you’ll make the most of your more powerful amplifier and dedicated speakers. With a built-in phono stage you can connect it up to any hi-fi system with a line level auxiliary input – no additional phono stage required.

A neat device for both playing and archiving records, the GPO Jam makes a sweet choice!

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Friday Cool -Lamy Scala Blueblack Special Edition


The Scala has been designed by top German kitchen and bathroom design team Sieger Design who have turned their attention to pens and come up with this sleek looking fountain pen.  This is the Limited Edition blueblack version with a stunning high gloss sparkling finish and chrome-plated grip and clip. The pen comes in a lovely gift box with a pot of Lamy blueblack ink and Z26 convertor and makes an amazing gift.

When is it father’s Day in the UK?

  • Choice of medium, fine, extra fine or broad steel nib
  • Set comes boxed with ink and convertor
  • Strictly limited edition
  • Matching rollerball and ballpoint available

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Friday Cool Nialaya Jewellery

We were out with friends last night watching Rich Hall bringing Malvern to life and they rocked up wearing Nialaya bracelets. To be honest never seen or heard of these before (ok the truth is out – yes I live a sheltered life meandering through the multi-cultural world that is Malvern society) but wow in the flesh they were sensational, so they are right at the top of our his and hers wish list.

Find out more at – here is their About page reproduced:

Nialaya Jewelry is an American designer jewelry company founded in 2009 by Danish designer Jannik Olander. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.
While visiting a coastal city in India, Jannik met a local shaman named Nialaya who encouraged him to pursue his dreams and stop chasing monetary gain. Jannik profoundly reflected upon this, and upon returning from his trip he developed a jewelry company deeply rooted in spirituality and the promotion of energy healing. He named the company ‘Nialaya’ as a tribute to the man who provided him with life-changing insight. Jannik began designing and creating beaded macrame necklaces and bracelets in the garage of his Hollywood Hills home. The slogan ‘Handmade in Hollywood’ was then developed, as each piece of jewelry was strung together by hand without the use of machinery or mass production. Each precious and semi-precious stone was used to stimulate spiritual healing powers; each finished item was then purified with a cleansing sage. 
The first Nialaya collection was sold to a renowned Beverly Hills boutique where it caught the eyes of famous faces. The company quickly gained notoriety with Hollywood celebrities and has grown to become one of the largest celebrity endorsed brands. The popularity of the brand spread internationally and the demand for boho-luxe designer jewelry prompted the company to open up their online web store. In 2010 the company unveiled their first flagship store at their prominent Los Angeles retail address – 7922 Melrose Avenue.
Jannik is constantly designing and creating new pieces for the company. The company releases a new collection twice a year, which now includes hand-braided leather bracelets, precious and semi-precious flatbead bracelets, exotic stingray bracelets, the Skyfall Collection for women, rings for men and women, and the brand’s iconic beaded bracelets in variety of stone and color combinations. The company has recently developed a fine jewelry collection which boast news designs with solid 14k gold and exquisite high-quality diamonds.
Nialaya has continued to evolve and focus on their global expansion. Nialaya is currently sold in 90 countries. The company has selected over 300 of the world’s finest jewelry stores, fashion stores, 5 star hotels and high-end department stores to house their collections. These retailers include Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges in London, NK in Stockholm, OnPedder in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, Ibiza Gran Hotel in Ibiza, Traffic and SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills and DNA Emporium at the Cosmpolitan of Las Vegas. In 2014 the company opened their second flagship store in the luxurious Omotesa shopping area of Tokyo and plans to expand further into the Asian fine jewelry market. In 2015 Nialaya will open their first New York Flagship Store located at 330 Bleecker Street in Manhattan.
Nialaya’s head office and production is located on Melrose Avenue. The head office is comprised of a young and ambitious international team who strive to promote the brand and the Nialaya lifestyle through their commitment to hard work in our sales, brand development, online commerce and PR departments. Though the company has expanded beyond borders, the Nialaya production team stays true to the slogan ‘Handmade in Hollywood’ and continues to create each beautiful piece by hand at the head office.
In 2014, CEO & Creative Designer Jannik Olander declared a commitment to give back to the countries from which the company sources their stones and precious metals. He began by visiting the Sarnelli House orphanage in northern Thailand – a home for orphaned and incurably ill children with HIV/AIDS – donating food, medicine, toys and a charitable contribution for the upkeep of the orphanage. Jannik is currently creating a special collection to benefit the orphanage – a percentage of the proceeds will go directly to the Sarnelli House.

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Friday Cool Wall of Want for July 2014

1. Ted Baker Cochett Despatch bag in blue leather with tan leather trim. Retailing at £179.

2.  Ted Baker Crafti reversible belt. Retailing at £35.

3. Ted Baker Churmix high shine Oxford shoes in a subtle three colour way finish. Retailing at £120.

4. Howick Flat front canvas shorts. Retailing £45.00.

5. Levi 508 Tapered fit Canvas. Retailing £67.00



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Friday Cool Wall of Want for May 2014

1. Ted Baker Cochett Despatch bag in blue leather with tan leather trim. Retailing at £179.

2. Ernest Jones men’s created Sapphire gold ring from £550.


3.  Ted Baker Crafti reversible belt. Retailing at £35.

4. Chopard Mille Miglia aftershave. Retailing at £70.

5. Ted Baker Churmix high shine Oxford shoes in a subtle three colour way finish. Retailing at £120.