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Friday Cool – Ted Baker Shoes and Accessories

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 Ted Baker Billay Derby ShoesHINE_1

Steve, a friend of mine from work was showing me some new shoes he had got from Ted Baker and I was very taken with them. They were the Black Billay Derby shoes shown above and they retail at £120. Very smart with a patent high shine finish and blue detailing they really did work for me. In fact they have prompted me to do a rolling “Wall of Want” here on Friday Cool,  which will have my top five must haves from the fashion world and will update monthly. Needless to say these shoes will be on the list.


Looking at these shoes prompted me to take a look at the Ted Baker website, which in truth has tended not to get a look in here on Friday Cool, as we have always perceived the brand as a young man’s brand and not really one for the over fifty gentleman. Well maybe we are having yet another mid life crisis but we saw a lot on there that we really wanted.

First off, I have been on the look out for a messenger / despatch bag and this Despatch bag the Cochett, which retails at £179 really caught my eye. Navy leather with tan leather detailing it looks lovely. My current Despatch bag is from MINI and in truth came full of car cleaning stuff but the size and shape of it work perfectly for me. It has a central top opening zip with no flap and I realised that this suits me well as the flaps that are so common on messenger bags, frankly just get in the way when you are trying to open the bag while wearing it. the Cochett from Ted baker is very similar in size and shape and functionality to my current humble bag, but the Ted Baker Cochett really does look a class act. Perfect for iPad MINI, Fuji camera, iPhone and a few other essentials when spending the day out on the move.

XS4M_COCHETT_10-NAVY_4 XS4M_COCHETT_10-NAVY_3 XS4M_COCHETT_10-NAVY_1Mooching further on the Ted Baker site, we spotted some more gorgeous dress shoes, The Churmix high shine Oxford shoe in a subtle three colour mix. We could live without the Ted baker logo near to the heel, but you know, this shoe is so gorgeous, we can forgive it this faux pas. Yes both myself and Lady P were impressed by these shoes.

HA3M_CHURMIX_14-BLUE_1 HA3M_CHURMIX_14-BLUE_4 HA3M_CHURMIX_14-BLUE_5Further exploration saw some rather swish and colourful socks to suit both shoes shown here. These were the Breeton socks which retail at £15 a pair.

XS4M_BREETON_10-NAVY_1And if you are looking at socks then a belt needs to be considered and this classic reversible belt, The CRAFTI smart reversible belt retailing at £35, looked appropriately smart.

XS4M_CRAFTI_00-BLACK_1 XS4M_CRAFTI_00-BLACK_2In conclusion, check out Ted Baker, there really is something there for the discerning Gentleman.


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