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Friday Cool – A Girl Needs Boots

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PikolinosLady Peanut is of an age where comfort in her footwear is paramount, but she also wants good looks and style too. So replacing the boots she inadvertently left in  her room on a ferry crossing has proved to be a hard battle. Well over 30 pairs of boots have been tried on and then this weekend in Great Malvern, on our doorstep, we spotted some Pikolinos in the shop window. Not full boots, just ankle boots but sexy enough to pull us into the shop and there waiting for her was a pair of full length black Pikolinos boots. The heel was just high enough and the padding was in abundance. They have proved to be very comfortable boots and yesterday she reported that even after a full day of wearing them for work on a day in Birmingham, they were still very comfortable. Take a look at Pikolinos here.

While we are looking at boots her daughter the Elf showed her, her Burberry boots. Very lovely and very country but the lady preferred a slight heel. Comfort-wise, good because they were flat but not quite as padded on the sole as the Pikolonos.




And here they are in action.



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