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Friday Cool – The Knitted Tie


The Knitted Silk Tie – a tie often associated with a more dressy look that manages to double up its options by also achieving a casual look when required. For the perfect look it should be tied using the Four in Hand Knot.

How to Tie a Four in Hand Knot

The Four-in-Hand is the only tie knot for the knitted silk tie. The knot is simple to tie, keeps a good shape and will go well with most shirt collars and necktie styles. The Four in Hand, is in fact the oldest of all the popular tie knots that are still in common use today.

The Four in Hand is slightly smaller in size, is somewhat asymmetrical and has a longish shape. It is best suited for traditional striped ties, such as British regimental ties, and formal solid colour ties. The Four in Hand looks best when combined with dress shirts that have a narrow to medium collar spread or have button down collars.

Four in Hand Instructions:

1. Turn up your collar, unfasten the top button, and lay the necktie around your neck so that the wide end of the tie hangs approximately 5-6 inches lower than the narrow end. Make sure that the inseam of the tie faces your body.

2. Place the wide end of the necktie over the narrow end, and wrap it around. Hold the narrow end down with your other hand.

3. Then, wrap the wide end over the narrow end. Don’t pull it tight, but create a loop at the front of the unfinished tie knot.

4. Then, loop the wide end of the tie through the gap between the unfinished tie knot and your collar. Then take the wide end of the tie and pull it through the loop you created on step 3.

5. Give the Four-in-Hand knot some final adjustment, pull it tight, centre it between the collar, and turn the collar back down.


Author: ibeastie

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2 thoughts on “Friday Cool – The Knitted Tie

  1. I agree the color is perfect for the shirt, but there is something about a knitted tie that I don’t care for. For a casual look a poly or micro fiber tie may be a better choice. And then Silk for the formal event I bet we can agree.

  2. Hmm, I can see your line of thought completely, but the difficult territory of the smart casual is the real domain of the knitted tie and I confess I have embraced it heartily.

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